Noted Plagiarist Benny Johnson Forgets to Use Google for Racist Take Defending Kanye West


Benny Johnson is a conservative troll who is so incredibly bad even at that that he’s been fired from two separate media outlets for plagiarism. He now works at the Daily Caller, probably for reasons like this (since-deleted) tweet last night:

This was wildly dumb for a whole lot of reasons, starting with the fact that Kanye… wasn’t born impoverished.

Many, many people pointed this out to Benny, along with the observation that assuming Kanye was born into poverty because he’s black is super racist!

Benny then did some googling:

The question I have is did Benny do this on purpose? It’s possible. I’m not sure he’s smart enough for that, but seeing as his job appears to be posting shit like this to own the libs and get a reaction out of it—he tweeted early this morning: “Man. Kanye really triggered y’all didn’t he?”—maybe this was all par for the course. Do you think Benny felt even like the slightest bit of that terrible hot flash of shame that normal people feel when they fuck up online? Like me, personally, whenever a commenter points out that I fucked up a comma or something in a post, I get a weird tingly feeling and start sweating immediately—does Benny get that still? He fucked up his entire dumb tweet in a super racist way but like, does he care? Does he feel anything?

I don’t really get it. Benny Johnson says completely amoral, racist shit online and gets called out for it constantly—is that fun for him? Is it maybe that he’s lost two jobs making memes for somehow still committing what is one of the cardinal sins of journalism—by all rights, if you’re a plagiarist, your career should be done—and now nothing matters? He’s passed some astral plane of Writing Online where he seems to internalize no criticism at all, maybe because he knows that he’s already done one of the worst things a writer can do and everyone knows about it. Maybe there is true freedom in career death, and Benny Johnson is using his to dig even further into the abyss.

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