Trump Thinks Global Warming Is Good Because This Might Be the Coldest New Year's Eve Ever


Donald Trump, who has shown he doesn’t know what global warming actually is, has made yet another comment about global warming. The National Weather Service estimated that this New Year’s Eve will have temperature highs of about 22 degrees and a low of 10 degrees in New York, making it one of the coldest in recorded history. Trump’s take? Global warming is actually good.

Of course, global warming is not good. Sparing the Inconvenient Truth reference, research has shown that climate change potentially played a role in the violent hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico, Houston, and Florida.

Trump’s adversarial relationship to global warming prevention efforts are already well known. The latter half of his tweet refers to his decision pull the country out of Paris climate agreement, which was formed to combat global warming.

The president can’t seem to make up his mind about global warming either. He mocked it with a 2011 tweet and favored more of it in 2012.

In 2012, he also tweeted that global warming was a concept created by China to “to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” He denied saying it was a hoax during the September 2016 presidential debate, even though the tweet was still public and readily viewable. In fact, here it is below:

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