Donald Trump Tweets Angry, Racist Rant at Wrong Megan Rapinoe Account


On Tuesday, a clip went viral of U.S. Women’s National Team star forward Megan Rapinoe informing a reporter that she would not be “going to the fucking White House,” should the USWNT win the World Cup. You knew right then and there that somehow, eventually, we would get a Tweet.

On Wednesday morning, it happened, as President Donald Trump responded with a series of social media posts calling out Rapinoe, and also making some astoundingly racist comments about the NBA, specifically about owners not being called owners anymore (?) and “black unemployment.”

All par for the course, but the real kicker is that Trump’s mushy brain didn’t even realize that he tagged the wrong Twitter handle the first time around.

So he just did it all again.

Just another day in America.

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