Everyone's I.T. department should hire this plucky Australian kid


A 13-year-old Australian named Louis is your new favorite computer guy.

A user in the r/Australia subreddit posted a photo of the following card that had allegedly been placed in his or her mailbox.

It’s nice to see someone is taking the initiative and putting a price on installing printers, setting up Wifi networks and purging malware for the 77-year-old John Holts of the world. Louis is way ahead when it comes to entrepreneurial spirit, which will give him plenty of time to learn proper apostrophe usage.

There’s also the chance that this is fake. Shocking, I know, but sometimes things on the Internet just aren’t real. This, at least, feels plausible.

If Louis or his parents are reading this, we’d love love to learn more. Please get in touch through e-mail or the comments.

And if you could do something about a colleague of mine who can’t seem to figure out how print from his own computer, I can pay in advance.

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