French Bros Steal Llama, Become Heroes


A group of French dudes from Bordeaux partied harder than you last week.

French newspaper Soud Ouest reports that five young men were arrested after stealing a llama and bringing him on a subway early Thursday morning.

The group was leaving a Bordeux club when they walked past a circus menagerie. There, they found an 8-year-old llama named Serge and a friendship was born. “He was sweet,” one of the bros named Matthieu told Soud Ouest. “It was not some militant act to free circus animals or something. It happened in the moment.”

Here’s the young gentlemen with their new companion.

From there, Serge joined the group on the subway, where some good samaritan not trained in taking amateur phone videos took this vertical video.

Alas, the group was arrested at the Place de la Comedie and the llama was removed from the subway and tied to a lightpost.

Around France, Serge and the bros are now Internet famous with a Facebook group supporting the young men that has about three quarters of a million likes. And Serge even has his own song on YouTube, “Lamaoutai.”

Circus owner John Baeutour originally filed a complaint with law enforcement, but withdrew it Sunday morning. The national heroes still faces criminal prosecution from French authorities.

(h/t Daily Dot)

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