Mexican president defends his ability to dress himself


President Enrique Peña Nieto is trying to clear his feet of any wrongdoing in “sockgate,” the latest scandal to hit Mexican social media.

Mexican journalist Julio Astillero unleashed a trending Twitter debate this week when he pointed out that the president appeared to be wearing his socks backwards during an annual 10-K race in Mexico City last Saturday.

I jog like EPN and wear my socks backwards.

Mexican social media ripped into the embattled president, likening his apparent misuse of socks to his general mismanagement of the country.

He’s wearing the socks right, what he’s got backwards is the country.

The issue was quickly given its own hashtag, #calcetagate — or #sockgate. But unlike other recent scandals, the administration moved quickly to address the matter and ease public concern.

On Tuesday night, in an unusually playful manner, Peña Nieto posted a picture of the socks on his Twitter account and attempted to defend his feet from any perceived missteps. El presidente insisted he did in fact wear his socks correctly — they just have a weird design.

Clarifying #calcetagate.

The president’s defense backfired when some Mexicans excoriated him for addressing the sock scandal in less than two days, but dragging his feet for almost a year on more important scandals related to corruption and crime.

EPN’s approval ratings soar 98% after clarifying #calcetagate — Mexican news satire website El Deforma.

Plenty of free time Mr. President #calcetagate.

‘Well, yes, Chapo got away, but I swear I wore my socks right’ #calcetagate # straighteningtheroad.

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