A teacher at this Alabama middle school gave students an exam with racist questions about gangs and prostitution


A teacher at Burns Middle School in Mobile, Ala., has been place on leave after giving eighth grade students a written test with racist questions about gangs, guns, and prostitution, The Associated Press reports.

According to a photo of the test provided to WALA-TV, the test included questions like, “How many drive-by shootings can Ramon attempt before he has to steal enough ammunition and reload?” and “Tyrone knocked up 4 girls in the gang. There are 20 girls in his gang. What is the exact percentage of girls Tyrone knocked up?” Some of the questions included recognizably Latino and black names, referencing ugly racial stereotypes, and making a connection between people of color and criminal activity.

It might sound like a particularly awful meme, but a spokesperson for Mobile County Public Schools confirmed the incident to the AP and confirmed that the teacher, who is not being named, has been placed on administrative leave while the school district investigates.

A student in the Language Arts class took a photo of the test and sent it to his mother, according to local news reports, who then filed a complaint with the school.

“My son, he took a picture of it in class and he texted it to me. I couldn’t believe it,” the student’s mother, Erica Hall, told WALA-TV. “They took it as a joke, and she told them that it wasn’t it a joke, and they had to complete it, and turn it in.”

Local reports from WALA-TV and AL.com say the exam has been making the rounds online since 2010, when a South Florida police chief resigned after sending a series of racist emails including a version of this test under the subject line, “Urban schools are finally starting to teach practical math that these kids can use in real-world situations!”

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