Boris Johnson Had a Horrible Morning

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Fresh off of his terrible night, Boris Johnson had an equally bad morning on Wednesday. It was a joy to behold.

Johnson lost a major vote on Brexit by a wide margin on Tuesday night, and today, he went back to Parliament for his weekly grilling by MPs. It was…yikes.

Here he is being reduced to calling opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn a “big girl’s blouse” for not wanting to hand him unfettered powers to take the UK into an election:

What a charmer this man is. (For context, Johnson needs the votes of Corbyn’s Labour party for an election to take place; a great way to get it is surely to lob sexist insults Corbyn’s way.)

Here is Johnson being wildly heckled over his intense dickishness and hypocrisy:

And here, in the most electrifying moment of the day, is Johnson being mercilessly called out for his long history of racism and bigotry—including Islamophobic comments which have been directly linked to a spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes:

Boris did not know WHAT the fuck to do. Incredible stuff. Put this man out of his misery.

Here’s more about Boris’ horrible week:

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