BuzzFeed News Fires White House Reporter Over 'Inappropriate Comments' to Coworker 


BuzzFeed News fired its White House correspondent, Adrian Carrasquillo, on Wednesday, after he allegedly made inappropriate comments to a colleague, Business Insider reported. As a White House correspondent, Carrasquillo was tasked with covering the political circus of the Trump administration, which has been at the center of its own series of sexual misconduct allegations since day one.

“We are saddened by these circumstances, but we take these issues extremely seriously. We’re committed to ensuring that BuzzFeed remains a place where everyone is treated respectfully by his or her peers,” a BuzzFeed News representative told Business Insider.

Carrasquillo’s name appeared on a version of the “Shitty Media Men” list that circulated in October — a crowdsourced list of men accused of sexual harassment and assault that was shared between women in the media. BuzzFeed opened an internal investigation of Carrasquillo and other employees who were named on the list. The White House correspondent was fired Wednesday after evidence of inappropriate comments came to light in a new complaint.

“In responding to a complaint filed last week by an employee, we learned that Adrian violated our Code of Conduct by sending an inappropriate message to a colleague,” a spokesman said. “This followed a reminder about our prohibition against inappropriate communications.”

Carrasquillo’s firing comes just days after a New York Times investigation revealed a workplace culture at “woke” media company VICE, where various women came forward about facing sexual harassment and abuse. The “Shitty Media Men” list appears to have at least presented an opportunity for media companies to take female journalists’ stories seriously.

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