Fox News: If Trump is So Bad at Business How Come He Still Has a Big Plane????


On Tuesday night, the New York Times published a lengthy and explosive report on President Donald Trump’s personal financial history, based on almost a decade of leaked tax information. In response, the Trump propaganda spin-machine cranked into high gear to say “well consider THIS libs: do you have a big plane????”

Trump himself was quick off the mark on Wednesday morning, assuring everyone that the fact that he lost a billion dollars in 10 years was actually cool and part of the plan, but also that the news of it was fake.

“The thing I did for tax reasons actually makes me smart, but also the reporting on the thing I did is fake.” This is, honestly, the perfect response for the circular logic Trump and most of his supporters have been relying on since about 2015: damaging information comes out, claim that it is “actually good if you just do the research” and if that fails then say that it is fake.

Here’s Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade doing the first part of that strategy on Wednesday’s Fox & Friends:

The most important piece of evidence, per multiple Fox News anchors is this: he still got big plane. Checkmate, New York Times nerds.

Look at big man with big plane, name on side of plane. Very cool! Also, losing a billion dollars…actually it’s good, because of the Success.

Damn. You know what, after watching this, I am convinced. Losing a billion dollars IS good, if you still have a big plane that you put your name on the side of. It doesn’t matter if you lose dozens of other planes with your name on the side of them (per the NYT):

In 1989, he bought a shuttle operation from Eastern Airlines for $365 million. It never made a profit, and Mr. Trump would soon pump in more than $7 million a month of his dwindling cash to keep it airborne, New Jersey casino regulators, who closely monitored his finances in those years, found.

That’s success, baby. When you pump the cash from your foundering hotel and casino empire into your doomed airline scheme. Deals Deals Deals!

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