It is now legal for schoolchildren in Oregon to wear sunscreen


Just in time for the middle of summer, all Oregon schoolchildren will now be able to bring sunscreen to school without a doctor’s note, thanks to a new law passed in the state’s legislature last month.

It turns out that sunscreens are regulated by the FDA as an over-the-counter drug. So, most schools in America don’t allow students to bring them in without a prescription. As of 2012, California was the only state to allow sunscreen in school without one.

Evidently someone in Salem recently figured this out, and made a move.

“It wasn’t on the banned list—the problem is, it wasn’t on the approved list,” says Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland), who chairs the House health-care committee, told Willamette Week’s Anthony Macuk. “The approved list is the sure list of medications kids could bring, and this was not on that list. So apparently there were instances where kids were told they can’t do that, because it’s not an approved drug to bring to school.”

Macuk also notes the bill’s sponsors also felt compelled to include a section explicitly permitting “[t]he outdoor use by students of sun-protective clothing, including hats,” although a school district will be able to remove offensive clothing.

Anyway, you can insert your joke about the lack of sun in Oregon here.

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