Martin O’Malley Had a Great Weekend! 


Martin O’Malley, the ripped former Maryland governor and man who could’ve, in a much different world, been our president, had a truly great weekend.

A Splinter tipster emailed the above photo of the former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination rocking out at the Irish pub Ryan’s Daughter in Baltimore. A moment’s more digging yielded the following nearly 15-minute-long video of O’Malley singing and strumming his guitar in what appears to be an ad hoc performance. And the people loved it!

As he finished a heartfelt rendition of “American Pie,” our national anthem, a member of the crowd yelled: “O’Malley 2020!”

If only.

Don’t forget: You can always send us your photos of politicians singing songs—or the pee tape—to our tips line.

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