Matt Barnes reportedly went to his ex-wife's house to beat up Derek Fisher


Memphis Grizzles forward Matt Barnes, recently in the news for intimating he and Rihanna might be dating before Rihanna said that certainly wasn’t the case, is entering his 13th season in the NBA. Barnes is in Santa Barbara for Grizzles training camp, and on Saturday, the New York Post reports, Barnes drove the 95 miles to LA to “beat the shit” out of former teammate Derek Fisher, who’s dating Barnes’s ex-wife Gloria Govan.

Barnes reportedly confronted Fisher while Govan hosted a bonfire at her house for “about 10 people,” and “came after” him, but Fisher escaped relatively unscathed, only picking up “a few scratches.”

(Add Derek Fisher to the list of people unfazed by Matt Barnes.)

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed the report:

Barnes and Govan reportedly separated in September of 2014, TMZ says, and the Post says Fisher and Govan have been dating for “several months.”

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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