Mayor Pete's Favorite TV Shows Are Pretty Damning Stuff


Still unsure where you fall on Mayor Pete for president? Perhaps knowing he’s a Rick and Morty stan will change your mind!

In a corny interview with the Hollywood Reporter published today, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg revealed that he doesn’t watch TV much, but he does use episodes of Rick and Morty and Family Guy to lull himself into a dreamless slumber.

From the Hollywood Reporter (emphasis theirs throughout):

What about binging? What are you binging on TV?
Not a lot of time for binging but I’ll catch a TV show before bed sometimes. Usually Family Guy or Rick and Morty is on as I’m drifting off. I’m trying to get into Succession but I’m struggling. I need a character to root for and I haven’t decided if any of them are good people.

I might have something more to say about Succession if I watched it, but based on the Splinter crew’s discussions of the show, I have inferred that no, all of the characters are bad people.

Buttigieg also said he rooted for Daenerys in Game of Thrones (another show I did not watch and therefore cannot provide commentary on) and that the only halfway moral character on Veep was Gary. (I would have also accepted Catherine before she was turned into caricature but fine.) Rude of them to not ask about Big Little Lies, in my opinion.

However, perhaps the most alarming reveal from the interview was the superhero Buttigieg said he identified with the most. From the Reporter again:

What about superhero movies. If you could be any superhero, who would it be?
The one I identify with most is Spider-Man, because he’s a relatively regular, kind of nerdy guy who finds himself in a position of power and it complicates his day to day life but he’s trying to figure out how to do good with it…

Whatever you say, man!

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