Pastor Denounces 'Stupid White People' in Electrifying Post-Charlottesville Sermon 


In the aftermath of the white nationalist race riot and terrorist attack in Charlottesville, VA, this past weekend, one California religious leader knew exactly who to blame.

“Saying you’re going to use the word of God to hate somebody of a different color, you’ve got to be the dumbest person that’s on this Earth to go ahead and say something like that,” Pastor Glen Berteau, of the House Modesto Church, told a roomful of worshippers during his Sunday morning sermon.

“There’s a bunch of stupid white people, I’m just telling you, that are stupid, and are telling people that God is into this.” he continued. “God is not into this at all.”

“Using our Bible to hate people is wrong,” he added later.

Video of Berteau’s blunt condemnation of white supremacy was quickly posted to the pastor’s Facebook page, where it was addressed “to all haters.” It has racked up more than four million views to date since being posted earlier this week.

“Could I have chosen a better word?,” Berteau mused on Thursday, following the post’s viral ascent. “Possibly.”

“What I said was very honest,” he added. “And I think it was something that needed to be shouted.”

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