Roseanne's Absurd New Defense of Her Racism Gets Tons of Support From MAGA Twitter


Remember Roseanne Barr? The beloved comedian who, up until she tweeted blatantly racist messages yesterday, starred in her own namesake show on ABC’s primetime?

It my sad duty to inform you that she, along with the teeth-gnashing weirdos of pro-Trump Twitter, now seem to be claiming that her messages couldn’t be racist, because they didn’t even know Valerie Jarrett, the former Obama aide that Barr called a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and an ape, was black. Innovative!

Barr also claimed she thought Jarrett was “Jewish and Persian”:

And Barr found plenty of people agreeing with her. A Twitter user whose bio reads: “Zioness. Opinionated PROUD DEPLORABLE!” earned a signal boost from Barr for tweeting “You had no idea VJ [Jarrett] had any black blood. Most of us did nt [sic]” and implying our sister site The Root is racist. (A good way to know that something is not racist is when people who love Roseanne say that it is.)

This galaxy-brained user was far from alone:

Actually, yes! You’re very close to getting it!

Of course, this all came after Barr herself asked fans not to defend her, apologized to Jarrett on Twitter for her “joke” made in “bad taste,” and tweeted and deleted a message blaming the whole ordeal on Ambien.

Lucky for us, this story will go on for days and days longer. Barr also tweeted that she’ll be on Joe Rogan’s show on Friday, with a near-certain downpour of weekend op-eds in your favorite dead tree product forecast for this weekend. Everything is so stupid!!

(h/t Jamelle Bouie)

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