Sean Hannity's Meltdown Over the Trump-Mueller Firing Story Is Still Happening


After Thursday evening’s masterclass in self-ownage, Sean Hannity retreated to the safe space of his personal radio show on Friday to swear that he’ll never let the New York Times ever fool him into reporting the truth ever again.

Hannity had initially insisted that the Times story about Donald Trump wanting to fire Robert Mueller couldn’t be true. Then, in a spectacularly humiliating moment, he was forced to admit that it did happen—because Fox News confirmed the story.

On his radio show, Hannity claimed he had personally called White House attorney Ty Cobb to corroborate the report. He then launched into a breathless rant, claiming he would never “ever ever ever use the New York Times as my source.”

“I am never also going to be led astray by the mainstream media,” Hannity added. “That was their story!”

You can listen to Hannity’s whole “woe is me” spiel below:

Sean, my man, just take the L like a big boy and try to enjoy your weekend.

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