Here’s a “fun” poll that will in no way depress you.

Let’s move a little closer, shall we?

Little closer…

Almost got it…

There it is.

Only twenty-two percent of Democrats “strongly disapprove”? Of George W. Bush?? The man stole an election, created ICE, crashed the economy, and killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in his two (!!) wars—one of which was predicated on total bullshit! Yet somehow, in just under two decades, nearly half of Democrats suddenly somewhat—or even strongly???—approve of the guy?

Look, I get that things under President Donald Trump are pretty awful. But can Democrats please pull their heads out of their asses for like, one fucking second, and realize that just because W hands out candy instead of walking around with toilet paper on his shoe and calling other countries shitholes doesn’t mean he wasn’t a complete monster? Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

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