This terrible right-wing meme was accidentally used by a school to mock victims of bullying


When they ask you to do the unthinkable—consider the emotions of others—there’s nowhere else to turn but to the memes.

A ‘hurt feelings report,’ a conservative meme that has been showing up as a way of mocking political correctness, was sent out to students and parents at a Delaware school, according to The News Journal.

The fake form was sent as an attachment as part of an email to parents and students for “Exercise Your Brain Day” in the Brandywine School District. It takes concerns over bullying seriously with fields such as “whiner’s name,” “name of person who hurt your pansy ass feelings” and “which ear were the hurtful words spoken into.”

The school district told The News Journal the form was sent out by mistake and “not an official document of Lombardy elementary or the brandywine School District.” Phew, that’s a relief.

Still, there’s someone at the school who seems to have an interesting view on bullying, as well as some very bad taste in websites. A Google search shows the form popping up on several right-leaning blogs and military humor sites.

A search through news archives also shows this isn’t the form’s first iteration or the first time it’s gotten an institution in trouble. It was cited as part of a lawsuit against the Marine Corps as having been posted to mock women marines who came forward to report sexual harassment and rape.

Other versions that have popped up include:

  • The form was distributed by a high school football couch in Wyoming in 2011. The coach was forced to resign when it became public.
  • A copy is included in emails from intelligence company Stratfor released by WikiLeaks in 2012. The email in question appears to have originated from a U.S. Army email address and sent out en masse to several Army and Stratfor employees
  • The mayor of an English town was censured for sending out a version of the form in May 2014.
  • A version of the form was cited in a June 2015 column profiling a local business leader and baseball coach, who called it “a good ice-breaker.”

Good thing everyone whose feelings are hurt by hurt feelings have such an effective tool at their disposal. That is until they get the Hurt Feelings About Hurt Feelings Over Hurt Feelings Report.

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