Trump: The Gun Control Wall Just Got 10 Feet Higher Because of Beto!


You know it’s a slow day for the president when he pops off new nicknames for his adversaries.

Tweeting about Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke on Wednesday, President Donald Trump called the Texan “Dummy Beto” before dunking on his gun violence prevention plan, which involves a government buyback program for assault weapons.

“Dummy Beto made it much harder to make a deal,” Trump tweeted. Always gotta be about a deal for this guy!

In the tweet, Trump shared a post about Fox News host Jesse Watters criticizing O’Rourke’s gun violence plan from the Twitter account TVT News, sure to be a reputable and well-sourced news outlet. Oddly enough, when I went to click through to the article, I received notice of a “fatal error.” The whole site for appears to be down, in fact.

According to a Fox News post with the same headline as the TVT News tweet, Watters said on The Five that other Democrats weren’t happy that O’Rourke “exposed” the party for being “politically radical” on the issue of stopping people from using assault weapons to kill and maim crowds of people.

“The Democrats have always wanted to take your guns. Beto is the one stupid enough to say it,” Watters said.

“Beto is a manchild—I honestly believe he was seriously and genuinely affected by the mass shooting, but now he’s shrunk his candidacy down to a single issue that will never grow up into anything nationally,” he continued.

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