Tucker Carlson Has a White Nationalist Freakout About How Scary Immigrants Are


Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson went on an openly racist rant on Monday night warning viewers about “bewilderingly fast” demographic changes that are happening all over the country.

Carlson—who has a long history of promoting thinly-veiled white nationalism—started the segment by highlighting a National Geographic story about Hazleton, PA, a former coal-mining town that went from majority white to majority Latinx in about two decades. “That’s a lot of change,” he said.

Carlson then warned his mostly white viewers that brown people are taking over the nation.

“That’s happening all over the country. No nation, no society, has ever changed this much this fast,” Carlson said. He then seemed to comfort viewers who might have some xenophobic and or racist feelings about demographic changes.

“Before you start calling anyone bigoted, consider and be honest: how would you feel if that happened in your neighborhood?” he asked, adding, “This is more change than human beings are designed to digest. This pace of change makes societies volatile.”

Tucker failed to mention that although demographics in Hazleton have changed, the number of residents in town has stayed the same. Latinx people moved in looking for more affordable rent as the coal mines in Hazleton shut down. At the same time, older generations died off while younger white residents left town.

Still, Carlson blamed the demographic changes on politicians who live in neighborhoods that “are basically unchanged — they look like it’s 1960. No demographic change in their zip code.”

“Our leaders are for diversity, just not where they live,” Carlson said.

For the record, if we’re talking percentages, in 1890 about 14.8% of the U.S. population was foreign-born, according to the Pew Research Center. Today, about 13.1% of the population is foreign-born.

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