We Tried Contacting All 154 People Previously Listed on Roy Moore's Endorsements Page 


For the past few days, the endorsements page on Judge Roy Moore’s Senate campaign website has been down. It reads, “The List of Endorsements is Currently Being Updated.” Interesting.

In the week since multiple women have come forward with stories of Moore initiating unwanted sexual contact with them as teenagers—and one account of attempted rape—the Alabama judge has lost some high-profile endorsements. For these former supporters, Moore’s belief that “homosexual conduct” should be illegal and that Muslims should be banned from serving in Congress were not disqualifying. But they could agree, it seems, that assaulting teenage girls crossed a line.

But the status of Moore’s endorsements, with the exception of a few public statements, remain something of a mystery. So we decided to try and contact every single one of the 154 people on an archived version of Moore’s endorsement list—from members of Congress and state representatives to pastors and local radio hosts—to see what they had to say about Moore.

A number of Congressional press secretaries had “just stepped away from their desk” when Splinter tried to contact them about their bosses’ endorsements, apparently never to return. Other people we reached had no idea that they were on a list endorsing Moore in the first place. Still, others reaffirmed their strong commitment to an accused serial pedophile, and seemed very mad that we were calling them.

Here’s the list of Moore endorsements, as listed on his campaign website, which we will continue to update as we hear back. Moore’s campaign did not respond to Splinter’s request for comment.



David Eastman, Alaska State Representative: “Absolutely.”

William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC:

Yes. We’ve seen the powers that be lie about things like this so many times and there’s really no chance for fair analysis of this information this close to the election.

Dr. Mat Staver, Chairman and General Counsel for Liberty Counsel and Former Dean of Liberty University School of Law:

I have known Roy and Kayla Moore for many years. Roy Moore and Kayla are very close and the family is close knit. Roy Moore and Kayla are supportive and respectful of one another. I have never witnessed anything but great respect and love between Roy Moore and Kayla. Kayla is a very pleasant person. She is not vocal or pushy or arrogant. She is a devoted wife and mother.
Kayla is a Christian who loves God, loves people, and loves America. She has been involved in a wide variety of social and legal issues with Roy Moore and the Foundation for Moral Law. She has been by Roy Moore’s side in most public appearances and political events. She rarely injects herself into the political fray. Her demeanor is more supportive than vocal.
The most important aspect of Kayla is her love and support of her husband and family. Roy and Kayla have been in many public events and not once have I or anyone I know had any doubt about their strong bond and support for one another.
I have known Roy Moore since the early 1990s. Having represented him, I have never known him to distort the truth. He is a person who would rather speak the truth than to engage in political meandering around the subject matter. In the 25 years I first met Roy Moore, I have always known him to be a person of integrity who is faithful to his wife Kayla. While I did not know Roy Moore 40 years ago, the man and husband I have known for 25 years is nothing like the recent allegations made against him.”

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue:

Not only do I endorse him, I’m doubling-down on my endorsement I’m sending him some money and am sending him a check. I love him, this is nothing more than a disgusting political attack orchestrated by the far left.

Dr. Rick Scarborough, Founder of Vision America:

My support for Roy Moore is unequivocal. His commitment to the Ten Commandments, the Scripture, and the U.S. Constitution are well documented, collaborated and substantiated. The allegations erupting from 30-40 years ago are not and are increasingly suspect.

Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth: “Yes.”

Gordon James Klingenschmitt, President of Pray in Jesus Name: “Absolutely, in fact I’m standing today at a press conference with Roy Moore.”

John Giles, Former President of the Christian Coalition of Alabama:

My endorsement is unflinching. I’ve known Chief Justice Moore for 25 plus years. I met him back when he was appointed in 1992. Let me just say that the only thing I can account for is the 25 years I have known Chief Justice Moore. There has never been one off color comment. I have seen him around his wife and his daughter, I have seen him around other women. I have been with him when it was good days, I have been with him when it was bad days. And never once has he been anything short of a Southern Christian gentleman. These allegations are all 180 degrees to what I’ve known for 25 years plus.

Star Parker, President of Center for Urban Renewal and Education: “Yes, it does.”

Jennifer Montrose, President of Alabama Republican Assembly: “Yes, we still endorse him.”

Stan Cooke, Pastor of Kimberly Church of God, Kimberly, Alabama: “Yes. My endorsement is 100 percent for Roy Moore.”

Earl Wise, Pastor from Millbrook, Alabama:

Yes, I confirm I am supporting him. I think there is just too much nonsense going with this. The timing of it and so forth is, you know. Roy Moore has been a man of integrity and so I am still supporting him. Yes I am.

Rick Simpson, Summit Holiness Church, Alabama:

As far as the allegations—ma’am, you know, of course it’s a cliche I am sure, by now, but you are innocent until proven guilty. I still support Roy Moore.

Reverend David Whitney, Pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church in Pasadena, Maryland:

You’re just a piece of propaganda, part of the propaganda campaign against Chief Justice Roy Moore. So are you a journalist? Have you gone to journalism school? Did they teach you anything about ethics? Is it apparent to you that nobody is investigating any of these women’s allegations. They say this happened, there are no witnesses to any of it happening. Many of these women are lying, and it’s quite evident they’re lying. The yearbook allegation, that is not even Judge Moore’s signature. There’s a lawsuit trying to force [Gloria] Allred to show the yearbook. What’s evident is the signature in that yearbook is not Judge Roy Moore’s signature. Has your institution published anything about these lies? I am getting calls from multiple people like you who are nothing other than part of the propaganda machine against Judge Roy Moore.
May I assume I am speaking with Reverend Whitney? Do you endorse Judge Moore?
Yes. There is no credible evidence against him. All lies. And I am sure you won’t publish my statement that these are lies being published against him. And if these were to be taken to a court of law when you are innocent until proven guilty, they would all be dispelled. People are not believing your lies, they are not buying your papers, they are not trusting the media. You can thank yourselves for that. You ought to be looking for another career, another job, because your job as journalists… you have ruined it for yourselves.

Paul Gottfried, Guggenheim Recipient and Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Elizabethtown College:

I still reluctantly endorse him, because I share most of his social views and because I am appalled by the double standard applied by the media in going after Moore while sparing Clinton, Menendez and other abuses of women, including underage girls, who have voted with the Left. That said, I think Moore’s campaign is collapsing after he was caught in a lie responding to his last accuser. That accuser voted for Trump and unlike some of the earlier accusers, is probably close to Moore ideologically.

Trip Pittman, Alabama State Senator from Montrose and 4th place finisher in 2017 Alabama Special Senate Primary:

This is 21st century politics and it’s blood sport and I don’t think there’s anything people wouldn’t do or say, especially when you’re talking about a U.S. Senate seat,” Pittman said. “I’m going to continue to support the Roy Moore that went to West Point and served in Vietnam and has served his state and country and let the facts simmer and let’s see ultimately what they are.

Tommy Hanes, Alabama State Representative from Scottsboro:

I did not know Roy Moore 38 years ago. I do not know what kind of man he was then. I do know what kind of man he is today. I know what he stands for and he is an Independent Thinker. They don’t want people who think for themselves in Washington. I stand with Roy Moore.

Mike Holmes, Alabama State Representative from Wetumpka: “Yes, I still endorse and support Judge Moore.”


Rep. Jody Hice, U.S. Congressman from Georgia:

As someone with daughters of my own, I steadfastly believe that anyone engaging in the behavior that has been alleged against Roy Moore is in the wrong. Without question, it is reprehensible to mistreat women under ANY circumstances. While I believe, in the interest of fairness, it must be noted that allegations do not equal guilt, I am not going to pretend to be judge and jury about what did or didn’t happen with Judge Moore over 40 years ago. However, based on the inconsistencies in his explanations regarding the allegations, I cannot continue to support his candidacy. The special election for the United States Senate in Alabama is ultimately up to the people of Alabama to decide.

Dr. Allen Unruh, Co-Founder of Alpha Pregnancy Care Centers: “Unfortunately, Dr. Unruh does not endorse Judge Roy Moore for Senate anymore.”

Steve Baer, Former President of United Republican Fund of Illinois:

We’re all done with Roy Moore. People say [the] USA is divided and tribal and stuff like that, but we all ought to be able to unite against child molestation. Across the board. Whatever else you believe, grown men shouldn’t be sexual predators. What we need to do, blue or red, left or right, we have to normalize things up. We have to agree that anybody, whoever is an adult predator on children, that person is disqualified from public office ipso facto. Doesn’t mean they’re damned to hell, doesn’t mean Jesus can’t forgive them, but they cannot be in public office.
These people of the paleo right, and the Evangelical right, and the Catholic Natural Law right, they need to be asked: How do you stand by this? Especially Sean Hannity. Sean has such a big megaphone. If Sean Hannity had a pair of balls, if he had a pair of gonads, he would be using his microphone right now to drum Roy Moore out of the race or force Senate Judiciary testimony.

Donna Baer, Co-Founder of Caris Pregnancy Care Centers and Author of “Strong Happy Family” and “The Bible’s Feasts”:

I don’t endorse Roy Moore. I don’t how much you want me elaborate, but, yeah, I do not endorse the man. I believe the women, and I find that kind of behavior reprehensible by any man, but especially an elected official. I believe all child molesters are disqualified from office, and that includes other child molesters who hold public office right now.

Joel Anand Samy, Co-Founder and President of Jerusalem Leaders Summit and International Leaders Summit: “Our respective names have been removed from the endorsement list.”


Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of The Family Leader:

Officially, however, I can now tell you that Bob remains undecided about retracting the endorsement. Though if Moore were proven guilty or confessed to the sexual abuse of which he is accused, Bob would certainly withdraw the endorsement. On a similar note, when video evidence was produced of candidate Trump boasting of sexually abusing women, Bob publicly called for Trump to withdraw his candidacy. Bob would do the same with Moore. As Moore’s guilt/innocence remains in question, however, so does the status of Bob’s endorsement.

William Green, Minister at Fresh Anointing House of Worship, Montgomery, Alabama: “At this time, we are not making any statements.”

Mike Ball, Alabama State Representative from Madison: “I supported Mo Brooks in the primary, and Roy Moore in the run-off. I have not taken a position in this race.”



Sen. Mike Lee, U.S. Senator from Utah:

Sen. Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator from Texas: “Grown men don’t typically sign high school girls’ yearbooks. As the father of two young daughters, that is a disquieting allegation,” Cruz said on November 13. He added that he was “not able to urge the people of Alabama to support his candidacy so long as these allegations remain unrefuted.”

Sen. John Cornyn, U.S. Senator from Texas: “I believe the accusations against Roy Moore are disturbing and, if true, disqualifying,” Cornyn said in a statement on November 13. “The most appropriate course of action, in my view, is to leave the final judgment in the hands of Alabama voters—where it has always belonged—and withdraw my endorsement.”

Sen. Steve Daines, U.S. Senator from Montana:


Rep. Jim Jordan, U.S. Congressman from Ohio and Co-Founder of House Freedom Caucus: “Look, I’m like everyone else,” Jordan told the Washington Examiner on November 13. “If this turns out to be true then he should step down, but you’ve got to let the investigation play out. Ultimately, the decision is going to be in the hands of the people in Alabama.”

Rep. Mark Meadows, U.S. Congressman from North Carolina and Chairman of House Freedom Caucus: “You can’t unring a bell,” Meadows told the Washington Examiner of his endorsement on November 13. “At this point, it’s up to Alabama to figure out — Washington D.C.’s not going to decide that. The people of Alabama will.”

Rep. Mo Brooks, U.S. Congressman from Alabama, in a comment to ABC: “I believe the Democrats will do great damage to our country.”

Phil Williams, Alabama State Senator from Gadsden, in a comment to AL.com:

On one hand, if the allegations are true, then a young woman at a defenseless position in her life was the victim of actions that no one should be subjected to—actions that may well have colored her days thereafter. On the other hand, if the allegations are untrue then we have a situation in which outright lies are being told with the sole intent to destroy the life and ruin the name of someone for the sole purpose of gaining an edge in politics. It is horrible to contemplate that anyone would wreak either havoc on another person—but that is the world that we live in and those are the only two possible grounds for the stories being given top billing in the media today. God help us as we sort through the mess.

Jim Zeigler, Alabama State Auditor, in a comment to the Washington Examiner: “Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus. There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here. Maybe just a little bit unusual.”


Sean Hannity, host of The Sean Hannity Show: On his November 14 show, Hannity demanded that Moore prove within 24 hours that the allegations against him were false, or drop out of the race. After Moore held a press conference claiming that a high school yearbook inscription had been forged, Hannity seemed satisfied with Moore’s answer, and withdrew his ultimatum. “We demanded, rightly, answers from Judge Moore. He provided them to the specific questions we asked,” Hannity said on his November 15 show.

Mark Levin, host ofThe Mark Levin Show” and Editor-in-Chief of Conservative Review: Levin has maintained support for Moore, choosing to call the Washington Post’s reporting into question. He has also deflecting the allegations against Moore by calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to resign. “Fine, they can denounce Roy Moore,” he said on his show Wednesday. “But how do they defend themselves? And the secrecy?”

Steve Deace, host of “The Steve Deace Show”: “This is an attempt to nullify an election. I want to make that very clear. I 100 percent believe that,” Deace told listeners on his November 14 radio show. “They don’t like who you nominated, people who run this party, and my best sources tell me that McConnell has done all of this, not the left. They always do things to us they wouldn’t do to the left.”

Ann Coulter, author, columnist, and political commentator: Coulter responded to the allegations against Moore in typical Coulter fashion—by deflecting to Democrats, and misrepresenting the number of victims who came forward with their accounts.

Rep. Bradley Byrne, U.S. Congressman from Alabama, in a comment to reporters on November 16:

I haven’t put out a statement, think there’s been too much talking out of Washington to the people of Alabama. The people of Alabama can make up their minds about this. They don’t need politicians in Washington, the national news media, telling them what to do.

Rep. Robert Aderholt, U.S. Congressman from Alabama in a comment to reporters on November 15: “At this point I have no reason not to vote for Judge Moore. I have never, before these articles came out, I had never even heard anything about this.”

State Rep. Ed Henry, Alabama State Representative from Hartselle and Former Alabama Chair for 2016 Donald Trump Presidential Campaign in a comment to AL.com on November 10:

There are going to be instances where men and women make accusations like this where the accuser is the victim and then there are going to be instances where the accused is the victim. I believe, in this instance, the accused is the victim… And if these women truly believe that Roy Moore is a sexual predator, then they are equally as guilty for allowing a sexual predator to be out there for 40 years.

Danny Crawford, Alabama State Representative from Athens, in a comment to The Times Daily: “Until someone proves some charges against him, he’s innocent.”

Lynn Greer, Alabama State Representative from Rogersville, in a comment to The Times Daily: “Politics has gotten so dirty, I wouldn’t put anything past anyone to win the election. If the election were tomorrow, yeah, I’d vote for Roy Moore.”

Randy Wood, Alabama State Representative from Anniston, in a comment to The Anniston Star: I just don’t know how you can remember something that clearly after 40 years. It’s a sad situation. I think it’s all about politics, and they haven’t convinced me he’s done anything wrong.”

Elizabeth Johnston, “The Activist Mommy,” in a blog on November 16: “[She is] standing by the man she has supported for decades because she believes he is innocent and that these accusations are false.”

Dr. David E. Gonnella, Pastor of Theodore, Alabama in a comment to Fox10:

I don’t desert my friends just on mere accusations, I require evidence. … Well perhaps satanically motivated, but Politically carried out. Why was everyone, all these people silent for so many decades I want to all come for at the same time now. … It’s funny how the Republican Party is. What a bunch of sissies! The Democrats rally around their candidate even when they’re guilty, Republicans want to throw them under the bus on a minor accusation without knowing whether they’re guilty or not.

Mike Allison, Pastor of Madison Baptist Church, Madison, Alabama in a comment to NPR:

The problem that I have here is that there is a rush to judgment on everybody’s part on the basis of things that have been alleged. There’s been no court. There’s been no proof put forth. All I saw in the one proof the other day had to do with the he signed somebody’s yearbook. When someone is alleged that you’ve done something that you know you haven’t done, do you just back off and say, OK, I quit? He’s taking a stand. He says that didn’t happen. And I do believe that in this country, at least, we’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

Jamie Holcomb, Pastor at Young’s Chapel, Piedmont, AL, in a comment to CNN:

I’ve known him my whole life and I’ve never known him to do anything inappropriate. I stand behind him 100%, unless there’s proof. If (his accusers) are found to have been assaulted, I’ll be the first to condemn it.

Mark Gidley, Pastor of Faith Worship Center, Gadsden, AL, in a comment to the Gadsden Times:

Gidley said voters need to focus on the issues of this Senate race, and the difference in the candidates rather than these allegations being used as distractions.

Bill Snow, Pastor of Edgewood Church, Anniston, AL, in a comment to HuffPost: “Until it’s proven, I suspect I’ll continue to support Judge Moore. If it’s proven, then I’ll change my support.”

Bruce Jenkins, Pastor of Young’s Chapel, Piedmont, AL, in a comment to CNN:

I don’t know what’s happened in this country where a man isn’t innocent until proven guilty. It’s not fair to comment until it’s proven or disproven. It’s a pretty convenient time for this to come out, and it has not changed my opinion and won’t, unless true.

David Floyd, Pastor of Marvyn Parkway Baptist Church, Opelika, AL, in a comment to The Washington Post:

All of us have sinned and need a savior… Of course, moral character is still important. But with Bill Clinton or Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby, we’re talking about something completely different. You have to look at the totality of the man. That’s why I support Judge Moore. I’ve prayed with him. I know his heart.

Paul Hubbard, Pastor of Lakeview Baptist Church, Montgomery, AL, in a comment to HuffPost: “I believe the accusations that have come out are false. Some of the people in Washington are so quick to jump and accuse are accused of much worse than Judge Moore.

Alan Keyes, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Former Assistant Secretary of State and Nations under Ronald Reagan, in a comment reported by CBS News on November 16: He supports Moore because “we are creatures of god” and have a “duty to do what is right.”


Leslee Unruh, Co-Founder of Abstinence Clearinghouse:

I don’t even know anything about this. Our organization never, ever endorses a candidate. I don’t know how our name got put on anything. I didn’t see my name on anything.

John Rogers, Alabama State Senator from Lineville: (Note: There is no Alabama State Senator named John Rogers. There is an Alabama House Representative named John Rogers, a Democrat, who we reached out to): “I’m a Democrat, I endorsed Doug Jones. I don’t know how my name got on there. One-thousand percent for Doug Jones.”

Fred and Tijuanna Adetunji, Bishop at Fresh Anointing House of Worship, Montgomery, AL, in a comment to AL.com:

“I was not asked about this story or allegations.” According to AL.com, Tijuanna Adetunji “was not contacted about the letter and did not give permission for her name or that of her husband, Bishop Fred Adetunji, to be used.”

Dr. George Grant, Pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church, in a comment to WSMV:

Grant told News 4 he hasn’t spoken to Moore in a decade. Grant added he hasn’t spoken to Moore’s campaign since it started. Grant also said he is not concerned with the politics in Alabama, saying, “Not my state. Not my issues.”

Thad Endicott, Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church, Opelika, AL, in a comment to AL.com:

“The list that has recently circulated was evidently copied and pasted from the August endorsements without checking to see if I still endorsed Moore.” According to AL.com, “Endicott, pastor at Heritage Baptist Church, asked that his name be removed from the Moore endorsement.

Joseph Smith, Pastor of Pine Air Baptist Church, Grand Bay, AL, in a comment to Fox10:

Smith “says he’s upset his name and church were included in the post. Smith tells us Moore’s campaign did call him during the runoff. At that time—he told them quote, ‘I’ll support Moore because I don’t like Luther Strange.’ However, Smith says he hasn’t heard from the Moore campaign since and can’t understand why his name was on the letter. He added he doesn’t like the negative attention it is bringing to his small congregation.”


Members of Congress

  • Rand Paul, U.S. Senator from Kentucky
  • Thomas Massie, U.S. Congressman from Kentucky
  • Martha Roby, U.S. Congresswoman from Alabama
  • Mike Rogers, U.S. Congressman from Alabama
  • Gary Palmer, U.S. Congressman from Alabama

Celebrities, National Figures, Authors, Journalists, Radio Hosts, and Random Bloggers

  • Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and 2012 GOP Vice Presidential Nominee (While on the Hill Thursday, Palin called on Senator Al Franken to resign for his own alleged sexual misconduct.)
  • Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas (Meanwhile, Huckabee has made time to tweet about Colin Kaepernick, Taylor Swift and People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue.)
  • Steve Bannon, former Chief Strategist for President Trump and Campaign Manager of the 2016 Donald Trump Presidential Campaign (Bannon’s former site, Breitbart, has gone all-in covering the Franken allegations while ignoring the allegations against Moore.)
  • Dr. James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family and Host of “Family Talk Radio”
  • Ken Cuccinelli, former Virginia Attorney General and President of the Senate Conservatives Fund
  • Phil Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty
  • Chuck Norris, star of Walker, Texas Ranger
  • Siran Stacy, former University of Alabama Running Back
  • Daniel Horowitz, Senior Editor at Conservative Review
  • Julio Severo, Author of Prophetic Prayers
  • Gregg Jackson, Author/Radio Host
  • Matt Trewhella, Author of The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate

State Legislators

  • Larry Stutts, Alabama State Senator from Sheffield
  • Tom Whatley, Alabama State Senator from Auburn
  • K.L. Brown, Alabama State Representative from Jacksonville
  • Mack Butler, Alabama State Representative from Rainbow City
  • Becky Nordgren, Alabama State Representative from Gadsden
  • Ritchie Whorton, Alabama State Representative from Scottsboro
  • Rich Wingo, Alabama State Representative from Tuscaloosa
  • Mac McCutcheon, Alabama State Representative from Monrovia and Alabama Speaker of the House
  • Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, Alabama State Representative from Montgomery
  • Del Marsh, Alabama State Senate Pro Tem from Anniston

Organization Leaders

  • Tim Macy, Chairman of Gun Owners of America
  • Dr. Michael Peroutka, Founder of the Institute on the Constitution and 2004 Constitution Party Presidential Nominee
  • Brian Brown, President of National Organization for Marriage
  • Tim Wildmon, President of AFA Action
  • Jason Storms, Director of Personhood USA
  • Bob Livingston, Founder of Personal Liberty Digest
  • Dr. Randy Brinson, President of Christian Coalition of Alabama and 2017 U.S. Senate Candidate
  • Dr. J. Patrick Johnston, Director of the Association of Pro-Life Physicians and Author/Producer of “The Reliant” movie
  • Dudley Brown, Director of National Association of Gun Rights PAC
  • Dran Reese, President of Salt & Light Council
  • Kay Daly, Co-Founder of Senate Conservatives Project
  • Ed Martin, President of Phyllis Schlafly Center and Former Republican Nominee for Missouri Attorney General
  • Willes K. Lee, President of National Federation of Republican Assemblies
  • Matt Barber, Founder/Editor-in-Chief of BarbWire.com and General Counsel for Christian Civil Rights Watch
  • Tom Trento, Director of The United West and Founder of Florida Security CouncilBrent Bozell, Chairman of For America
  • Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University

Business Professionals

  • Rod D. Martin, Co-Founder of PayPal
  • Richard D. Hayes, Law Partner at Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP

Pastors and other Faith Leaders

  • Bill Owens, Reverend of Coalition of African American Pastors
  • Dr. Tom Ford, III, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Jonathan Rodgers, Pastor of Dothan, Alabama
  • Mark Liddle, Pastor of Dominion Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Steve Sanders, Pastor of Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, Alabama
  • Maurice McCaney, Victory Christian Fellowship Church, Florence, Alabama
  • Paul Elliott, Pastor at Young’s Chapel, Piedmont, Alabama
  • Rodney Gilmore, Pastor of Covenant Christian, Gadsden, Alabama
  • Joshua Copeland, Pastor of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, Anniston, Alabama
  • Keith Bond, Pastor at Young’s Chapel, Piedmont, Alabama
  • Jim Lester, Pastor of Fannin Road Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Bruce Word, Pastor of Freedom Church, Gadsden, Alabama
  • Carl Head, Reverend at Lakeview Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Duwayne Bridges, Jr., Pastor of Fairfax First Christian Church, Valley, Alabama
  • Edwin Roberts, Reverend of Adams Street Church of Christ, Enterprise, Alabama
  • John McCrummen, Pastor of Open Door Baptist Church, Enterprise, Alabama
  • Mickey Counts, Reverend of Open Door Baptist Church, Enterprise, Alabama
  • Alex Pagen, Reverend of Open Door Baptist Church, Enterprise, Alabama
  • Glenn Brock, Pastor from Eufaula, Alabama
  • Tim Head, Reverend from Montgomery, Alabama
  • Ted Phillips, Pastor of Christ Church, Odenville, Alabama
  • Tim Yarbrough, Elder at Trinity Free Presbyterian, Trinity, Alabama
  • Myron Mooney, Pastor of Trinity Free Presbyterian, Trinity, Alabama
  • Jerry Frank, Elder at Trinity Free Presbyterian, Trinity, Alabama
  • Jim Nelson, Pastor of Church of the Living God, Moulton, Alabama
  • Lane Simmons & Margie Dale Simmons, Pastor of First Assembly of God, Greenville Alabama
  • Charles Morris, Reverend at Pastor Grace Way Fellowship, Evergreen Alabama
  • Dr. Peter and Roseann Waldron, St. Francis Anglican Church
  • Franklin and Mrs. Pamela Raddish, Pastor of Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries
  • Scott Dawson, Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association

Other Endorsements

  • Tom Coburn, former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma
  • Jack Daly, Judiciary Committee Counsel to Senator Jeff Sessions.



Bill Armistead, former Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party and former Alabama State Senator in a comment to AL.com:

He’s “doubling down. … Let’s just wait and see what happens the next few days with some of their stories and I think it will be clear we don’t need a hearing. I just ask the voters to be patient and watch what comes out in the next few days and I think they’ll be reassured that Judge Moore is telling the truth.”

Dr. Terry Batton, Christian Renewal and Development Ministries, Eufaula, AL, in a comment to The Washington Post:

The Bible definitely explains that people ought to choose men of upstanding character. With Roy Moore, if he’s guilty of what they’re talking about, the question is, has he repented of that? If he has, it should be forgotten.


  • Fob James, former Governor of Alabama
  • Dr. Drew Ivers, Iowa Presidential Campaign Chair for Reagan, Robertson, Buchanan, Paul
  • Tim and Elizabeth Hanson, Pastors from Smiths Station, Alabama
  • Dr. Richard Fox, Retired Baptist Pastor
  • Dr. Randy Cooper, Pastor from Warrior, Alabama
  • Michael Yates, Pastor of Webster’s Chapel, Gadsden, Alabama
  • Mark Holden, Pastor of Webster’s Chapel, Gadsden, Alabama


  • Somers H. White, Former Arizona State Senator
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