America is more chill about human cloning than extramarital affairs


A provocative new Gallup poll has found that Americans’ views on what is morally acceptable are becoming, dare we say it, more inclusive. Except for when it comes to extramarital affairs.  America still thinks cheating is basically the ultimate low blow. Lower than having a child outside of marriage. Lower than medical testing on animals.  Definitely lower than wearing animal fur. And yes, lower than cloning humans. (Which, by the way, is only asking for trouble.  Haven’t you people seen Multiplicity?!)

Since 2001, Gallup has gauged how America feels about 19 various social taboos with their annual Values and Beliefs poll. This year’s respondents made records for deeming issues or practices morally acceptable that were previously shunned.

Acceptance for gay and lesbian relations has seen the biggest change since 2001—fourteen years ago, only 40 percent of people found non-heterosexual relations morally acceptable.  Today, 63 percent think so (which is still notably low).

Sixty-one percent believe having a baby outside of marriage is acceptable. Sixteen percent think polygamy is morally acceptable. And yet, way down there at the bottom, 8 percent think it’s morally okay for married men and women to have an affair.

Fair enough, but may I just remind you that those clones of Michael Keaton’s character in Multiplicity ALL SLEEP WITH HIS WIFE. COME ON, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, AMERICA.

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