Back To The Future II: The craziest fashion from '2015'


It’s finally here: October 21, 2015, the date Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) time-traveled all the way from 1985 to visit in Back to the Future II.

There’s plenty of fun to be had in looking back on the movie’s speculative future tech—pizza hydrators and hoverboards are among the more famous gadgets featured in it—but we firmly believe that the Robert Zemeckis-directed sequel is never more inventive than in its exuberantly weird predictions for fashion in 2015.

Here are some of our favorite looks from the future—or should we say, from now?

1. Doc’s metal visor

The logical extension of shutter shades.

2. Doc’s clear tie

When you want to show off the shirt you’re wearing underneath.

3. Nikes with power laces

Fans speculated that Nike would release an actual line of self-tying sneakers in time for Back to the Future day, but no such luck.

4. Auto-adjusting jacket

Finally, a single piece of outerwear the entire family can share. Did we mention that it can also dry itself?

5. Marty’s rainbow hat

A replica of this cap can be yours for just $43.98, if that’s the kind of thing you feel like spending $43.98 on.

6. This skin-tight bodysuit

To say nothing of her gentleman friend’s enormous metal surfboard.

7. This fishtail skirt

You’ll also note that hair sticks are a popular choice in 2015 Hill Valley.

8. This tutu-truss-crop top situation

Party in the front, party in the back.

9. This metallic ponytail guard

You can never take ponytail security too seriously.

10. These (intentionally?) uneven bangs and that robo-backpack

The hairdo is very Gale Weathers circa Scream 3.

11. This stylish and practical headwear

The boys’ department could use a lot more iridescence. (Look at baby Elijah Wood!)

12. This manicure

It’s more of a velociraptor claw, really.

13. These asymmetrical sunglasses

All the better to (sort of) see you with, my dear.

14. Literally everything about this shot

Including, but not limited to, Griff’s meat tenderizer helmet and chainmail tank, the female gang member’s Aladdin Sane makeup and bullet necklace, the one guy’s electronic breastplate and matching face paint, and the other guy’s red goatee. Cyberpunk squad goals.

15. Griff’s bracelet

A perfect complement to that fingerless glove.

16. Those rhinocerous horn boots

That’s some ambitious kneepad game.

17. Bows on bows on bows

Actually, there’s a lot to talk about here: forehead cowlicks, a Slurpee mug, coordinated plastic collars and cuffs. These girls are living their best future lives.

18. The double tie slash cummerbund

In case you find yourself invited to a double-black-tie wedding.

19. The quadruple ring

If you’re wearing three rings, you might as well be wearing none.

20. Doc’s train shirt

A cheeky nod to Back to the Future III?

21. Scrolling text police hats

See also: their glow-in-the-dark nightsticks and knee-high boots.

22. Marlene McFly’s… skirt? Shorts? Skort?

Whatever it is, it’s a rhapsody in aluminum foil.

23. “The Super Inflatable TIT”

Watch the top right corner of Marty Jr.’s screen. Are these the breast implants of the future?

24. Yet another double tie

Future Marty models a more office-appropriate style.

25. Smartglasses

They’re like Google Glass, but sparklier.

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