BREAKING SCOOP: James Comey Says That John Kelly Said That Trump Was Bad One Time


Former FBI Director James Comey’s upcoming memoir, A Higher Loyalty, will reportedly claim that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly described President Donald Trump as “dishonorable” for the way he fired Comey.

According to an excerpt of the book obtained by The Daily Beast:

Kelly, Comey recalls, said he was “sick” about the situation and “intended to quit” in protest. Kelly “said he didn’t want to work for dishonorable people,” referring specifically to President Donald Trump.

Let the record show that John Kelly, uh, somehow forgot to quit.

Spicy stuff! I wonder what other juicy secrets Comey is prepared to spill??? Did Kellyanne Conway call Mike Pence mean? Does Jared Kushner smell mildly of Lysol? This is some good palace intrigue!

A Higher Loyalty will officially be released on April 17, giving you plenty of time to avoid all this nonsense by drowning yourself in the ocean before it comes out.

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