Chris Christie Seizes Opportunity for Private Beach Day During Government Shutdown


Gov. Chris Christie just made the New Jersey coastline his personal beach. Maybe not technically, but since the New Jersey governor forced a shutdown over a disputed budget, the state parks and beaches were closed to the public over Independence Day weekend, with one exception: the Christie family.

Caught basking in the warmth of his entitlement by, Christie and his family enjoyed a day at Island Beach State Park—one of the many beaches closed to New Jersey residents, and the location of the governor’s state-owned summer house.

The photos were taken on Sunday morning; later that afternoon, Christie attended a press conference to discuss the shutdown. When asked if he got any sun, Christie—apparently unaware of the photographs—said “he didn’t get any sun today.” But as notes, Christie’s spokesman Brian Murray clarified after the photos’ publication. “He had a baseball hat on,” Murray told reporters.

To make Christie’s splendid day at the beach all the more aggravating, he’s almost entirely to blame for the shutdown. Part of his budget demands stipulated that the state could control Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s reserve fund. Horizon, though not-for-profit and state-regulated, said Christie’s budget proposal would drive up premiums for the 3.8 million New Jersey residents it insures, reports

Oh and the icing? Christie has been flying by helicopter between Trenton and Island Beach State Park. When asked if this was fair by a reporter during the press conference, Christie responded: “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.”

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