Dems' Latest Idea to Defeat Trump Is Talking About How He's Too Online


There are plenty of reasons to vote President Donald Trump out of office the upcoming election: the unrepentant racism, the disastrous foreign policy, the disastrous domestic policy, more unrepentant racism, on and on. But according to an influential liberal think tank, there’s another issue they think could sway voters in 2020—the guy loves Twitter way too much.

The Daily Beast reported on Monday that the Center for American Progress—the left-leaning “don’t talk about immigration” group run by resistance lib and certified 2018 idiot Neera Tanden—commissioned polling to gauge the effectiveness of labeling Trump “ineffective” for future campaign attacks. The study, conducted some two months ago by analytics firm Civis, found there was one message in particular that resonated with respondents. Per the Daily Beast:

Of the six messages tested on Trump, the idea that he was “more focused on his Twitter account than on delivering on his promises” was the only one that consistently moved the vote towards Democrats, including among Obama-Trump voters.

“This is where Democrats have a huge opportunity. The thing everyone hears about Donald Trump more than anything else is that he is on Twitter all day. That’s what they hear. If they want to know what he is doing all day that’s what they hear,” CAP Action Fund Executive Director Navin Nayak told the site. “We aren’t making a moral judgment by saying it. We are pointing to a factual reality.”

Effectiveness notwithstanding, it says something deeply troubling about the Democratic electorate that “boy, this guy sure loves to tweet” could be what animates voters most when it comes to the president’s uselessness. Did people not already know this? Should pointing out Trump’s inability to get things done be the top messaging priority for the Democrats at all, especially when the alternative is when he does get things done—all of which have been horrible, dehumanizing, and catastrophic?

Look, I’m in favor of whatever it takes to get Trump out of office in 2020. But, if simply pointing out that the dude is extremely online is what actually ends up getting the job done I’m gonna be so stinking mad.

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