Donald Trump Starts His Week by Raging at a Restaurant

White House

After White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was politely asked to leave a Lexington, VA, restaurant this weekend, President Donald Trump himself has seen fit to weigh in with a reasonable, nuanced take about personal responsibility and public decorum.

Just kidding! He went on Twitter and talked shit about a family restaurant.

Trump neglected to explain why Sanders felt the need to dine at such an apparently filthy restaurant in the first place.

Nor did he mention that, actually, the Red Hen Restaurant hasn’t had a serious health violation in four years. (In 2017, for example, a health inspector “observed pickles/jams in a hermetically sealed container [were] not from an approved food processing plant.” They were, in fact, decorative.)

Oh, and he forgot to bring up the fact that his Mar a Lago property was itself cited for nearly 100 health violations in the past few years.

It’s Monday morning.

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