Fox News 'doctor' blames Jews for how bad the Holocaust got


Because presidential elections are literally the stupidest things any large group of people could ever get involved in, they often tend to sidestep the major questions of the day and center on issues so marginal and deranged that it almost makes you wonder why we bother at all.

So it was that, on Saturday, the main thrust of the presidential debate was about how many guns Jews should have been carrying around during the Holocaust.

Yep! That’s where we are. This esoteric line of discussion was prompted by Republican candidate Ben Carson, who opined recently that, if more Jews had been packing heat, Hitler might have had second thoughts about their mass extermination.

Many people predictably took issue with this opinion, but Carson found a defender in Fox News pundit Keith Ablow. Ablow is, in theory, a psychiatrist, but he is more famous for saying things like “Newt Gingrich’s infidelity means he’d be a great president” and being very anti-LGBT.

Ablow’s latest deeply researched Freudian critique came on that highly-touted and peer-reviewed publication, From the piece:

The mindset that Jews surrendered with their guns is far more important than the hardware they turned over:  They surrendered the demonstrated intention, at all costs, to resist being deprived of liberty.  If Jews in Germany had more actively resisted the Nazi party or the Nazi regime and had diagnosed it as a malignant and deadly cancer from the start, there would, indeed, have been a chance for the people of that country and the world to be moved to action by their bold refusal to be enslaved.
Granted, I was not there. Granted, hindsight is 20/20. But it turns out it was a bad idea for any Jew to have turned over a gun. It was a bad idea for any Jew to have boarded a train. It was a bad idea for any Jew to have passed through a gate into a camp. It was a bad idea for any Jew to do any work at any such camp. It was a bad idea for any Jew to not attempt to crush the skull or scratch out the eyes of any Nazi who turned his back for one moment.

Ablow is perhaps the first student of history to suggest that the problem with the Holocaust was that Jews weren’t clear enough about their dislike of being wiped out by the Germans. Maybe Hitler thought everyone was cool with it?

This has been another in our ongoing series, The 2016 Election: Please Make It Stop.

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