Fox News Hires Pocket-Sized Fascist Ben Shapiro for an Election Show


Fox News announced Monday that it has hired adult baby Ben Shapiro to host a limited-run midterm election special, because the run-up to Election Day wasn’t going to be bad enough already.

According to Mediaite, the cleverly named The Ben Shapiro Election Special will run for four weeks on Sundays starting Sept. 23 and feature Shapiro engaging in Facts and Logic-Based Debate with a panel of shitheads.

In an illuminating statement, Shapiro said: “I am honored to partner with Fox News where we can provide in-depth analysis on the voting trends that will be leading the polls this November.” A statement from a Fox News VP called Shapiro a “rising star” and praised his “signature style.”

For the unfamiliar, Shapiro’s “style” involves his “signature” chirp—a voice that makes the death rattle of your loved ones feel preferable—to DESTROY his critics, a long list that frequently includes SNOWFLAKE liberals, feminists, and LGBTQ people.

He also hasn’t been shy about criticizing his new employer:

Nice hire, Fox!!!

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