Ivanka Trump Abandons Phone Call After Reporters Ask Uncomfortable Questions


As a former model and fashion designer, Ivanka Trump really has a strong sense of style, and nowhere is this girlboss’ flair more on display than when she’s chicly avoiding taking responsibility for the ethical gray area in which she resides as America’s First Daughter and Grifter. Just yesterday, Trump flawlessly exited a call she was hosting with reporters after being asked about the recent slew of trademarks her brand just happens to have been granted by the Chinese government.

According to CBS, Trump had joined Holli Richmond, the director of President Trump’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition for a background call leading up to a White House Sports and Fitness Day. When asked about her brand new Chinese trademarks—which ethics watchdogs have raised questions about because of the speed and volume with which they have been granted—White House press aide Ninio Fetalvo asked the reporters to refer “those questions” to the press office.

A reporter then geared the conversation to something more related to the White House Sports and Fitness Day by requesting an update on the president’s fitness. That’s when the First Daughter had enough. Via CBS:

“So Ivanka had to step out for another meeting, but Holli is here to take on the additional questions,” Fetalvo replied after a brief pause.

Wow, such finesse. That’s right, Trump straight up left the call, most likely upon realizing that no one gives a damn about whatever soundbite she could possibly offer about nutrition when she’s an enormous ethical liability and the daughter of an American embarrassment. She’s got style, she’s got grace!

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