Kansas Congressman Turns Into Babbling Doofus When Fact Checked on TV


I feel sorry for the residents of Kansas’ 1st Congressional District, who are stuck going about their day knowing that their interests in Washington are being represented by Republican Rep. Roger Marshall, a doofy ass-kisser who melts down into a puddle of flesh-colored goo at the first hint of pushback on his cookie cutter MAGA-isms.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Willie Geist on Wednesday, Marshall—an actual medical doctor, god help us—casually repeated the Trump administration’s proven lie that “Every day 10 terrorists try to cross [the U.S.-Mexico] border.” But when Geist prodded Marshall to explain what the fuck he was talking about, the congressman just kind of…fell apart.

Marshall cited the Department of Homeland Security for the number. “And how do they assess that?” Geist asked him. “How do they know they’re terrorists, in other words?”

“Well, I…I think we have to have trust that’s what the DHS is communicating to Congress,” Marshall stammered as part of a word goulash fueled by the kind of panic most people experience when they have that dream where they realize they’re not wearing any pants in front of their entire 7th grade class.

Geist, meanwhile, spent the segment making this face:

Same, Willie. Same.

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