Leave It to Fox & Friends to Make the Ukraine Scandal Seem Like Rocket Science


Leave it to Fox News to tell their viewers that there’s no use in trying to understand all this impeachment stuff—it’s just so darn confusing!

Host Ainsley Earhardt started off Tuesday morning’s show by remarking just how ridiculously difficult this entire impeachment inquiry story is. Donald Trump? Rudy Giuliani? William Barr? Too many players!! Why even bother to learn what’s going on, then?

“There’s almost no there there. There’s a big headline that’ll get your attention, then you look at the story it’s easily explained,” co-host Brian Kilmeade said.

“I mean, it gets too much in the weeds. First they’re going after the president with impeachment, then they’re going after Rudy Giuliani, now it’s Bill Barr, and America is saying, ‘What? How are they all connected? Connect the dots for us! What are you talking about,’” Earhardt followed up.

Right, this show does not work in the business of news, and cannot be bothered to explain to its viewers the impeachment inquiry against Trump for potentially having encouraged foreign governments to meddle in the election. Nope, certainly not at a company with the word “news” in the name.

“It’s just so much information,” Earhardt continued. She then cited a new Quinnipiac poll published yesterday that shows that 47 percent of voters want impeachment while another 47 percent do not. Kilmeade and co-host Steve Doocy then pointed out, rather sadly, that the same pollster found support for impeachment stood at 37 percent just last week. Also in the new poll, a majority of those surveyed support at least an impeachment inquiry. Maybe Americans aren’t as dumb as Fox & Friends think they are after all.

But not to fear: Doocy then blamed the Democrats for this swing toward impeachment, saying that they want to create a narrative of Trump being a lawless president. As if that hasn’t been the story of Trump’s entire presidency, but OK!

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