Man Repeatedly Crashes Truck Into Dallas Television Station


A man driving a white pickup truck reportedly slammed into a Dallas, TX, television station multiple times early on Wednesday morning, resulting in the evacuation of the station and the man’s arrest by the Dallas Police Department.

On Facebook, Fox 4 News wrote that:

A man crashed a truck into the side of our building this morning. He jumped out and started ranting. He’s in custody now but the bomb squad is on its way. He left behind a suspicious bag. Most of us have been evacuated and a few are working to keep the news on air from a secure location.

While the motive for the incident remains unknown, the station described the man as having “repeatedly crashing his vehicle into a side of the building with floor to ceiling windows, [before he] got out of his vehicle and began ranting.”

Pictures posted by Fox 4 show police detaining a man outside the station, while employees inside continued to work at their desks. The parking lot outside the office can be seen littered with papers, which the station claims he had brought with him in “numerous boxes,” as the man’s crumpled Dodge Ram pickup truck sits embedded into the side of the building.

I have reached out to the Dallas Police Department for more information on the incident, and will update this post if they respond.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new details are made available.

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