Marco Rubio Takes a Brave Stand For Homophobic Chicken


Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a man best known for getting owned by teenagers on national television and on the internet, has decided to stand up for what he really believes in: homophobic chicken chains.

You might remember that, over the weekend, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologized after he caught a ton of flak for promoting Chick-fil-A, the notoriously anti-LGBTQ fast food chain, during Pride Month. And you might have thought that the moment passed and that everyone learned their lesson. Well, Rubio, the man second-best known for somehow managing to make everyone physically uncomfortable by simply drinking some water, has jumped in fray, going after—who else?—the “PC police.”

First of all, welcome to 2012, Marco Rubio? I guess? Mike Huckabee literally did this six years ago? Second, Chick-fil-A’s owners do not simply “support [the] ‘biblical definition of marriage.’” They have funneled millions of dollars they made from Chick-fil-A into supporting anti-same sex marriage initiatives and extremely damaging conversion therapy. These people are not victims; they are actively working to dehumanize LGBTQ people.

But honestly, showing up six years late to defend a chicken sandwich company is par for the course for Rubio, who is perhaps third-best known for embarrassing his own children by trying to make fun of Donald Trump’s hands.

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