Mexican political ads just got a whole lot weirder — and pointier


Lots of Mexican political ads are bizarre and pointless, but a new video from a conservative congressional candidate could best be described as bizarre and pointy.

Diego Leyva, of the right-of-center National Action Party (PAN), makes no campaign pledges in his ad. He doesn’t even criticize his political opponents.

Instead, he just dances around in a pair of “Mexican pointy boots” to Tribal music —an up-and-coming genre that mixes pre-Hispanic and African sounds with electronic cumbia.

Leyva is running—or dancing, more accurately— for office in the central state of Guanajuato. His political ad is heavily inspired by the pointy boots fashion popularized by Tribal artists.

But Mexicans are not that happy with Leyva’s dance routine.

“Diego Leyva is a campaign clown who believes voters are children he has to entertain with buffoonery.”

“Diego Leyva is mocking the intelligence of Mexicans. Guanajuato, for God’s sake, do not give a single vote to that man, have mercy.”

“There is favorable and bad criticism. But I think Diego Leyva is achieving his objective and positioning his campaign.”

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