Oh Cool, Robert Mercer Likely Has a Grenade Launcher Stashed In New York City


Today, Zachary Mider published a fascinating piece in Bloomberg about reclusive hedge fund CEO and Trump donor Robert Mercer’s stint as a police volunteer in New Mexico, which he most likely did to obtain a license to carry a concealed gun. The piece goes on to detail Mercer’s history and penchant for guns, which he probably loves more than actual human beings.

But I want to draw your attention to another fun fact buried in the article, which is especially pertinent for my fellow New York City residents:

Meanwhile, in early 2014, Mercer and his partners acquired a warehouse in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens, N.Y., and moved much of Centre’s East Coast inventory there. (Ed Leiter, a former owner of Centre who visited the site recently, said the stash includes an Mk 19 belt-fed grenade launcher, capable of hurling 60 explosives per minute. Leiter said he thinks it’s used for training.)

Mercer owns a warehouse somewhere in Queens. The warehouse reportedly contains a grenade launcher that can throw one grenade every second. According to Military.com, the MK19 grenade machine gun can also “defend against hovering rotary-wing aircraft, destroy lightly armored vehicles, fire on suspected enemy positions, and provide high-volume fire into an engagement area and indirect fires from hidden positions.” What in tarnation.

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