Oklahoma politician posts the word 'anchor babies' to Facebook 32 times because something something freedom of speech


Oklahoma state Rep. Paul Wesselhöft has some things to say. Actually, he only has one thing to say, but he’s going to say it a lot.

TV Station KFOR reports the Republican made a Facebook post earlier in the week repeating the phrase “anchor babies” 32 times in a row. Once the ritual was complete, Wesselhöft added, “I’m sick of political correctness gone amuck! It hinders the First Amendment!”

If you define the First Amendment as the ability to say anything you want at any time and not have to deal with any consequences from anyone as a result, then yes, Wesselhöft is right.

What Wesselhöft is doing here is a fairly common practice among conservatives on social media: repeating a phrase considered to be offensive as a way to stick it to the “PC police.” A quick Twitter search brings up entries containing multiple uses of the phrase “illegal immigrant” is filled with great American heroes who won’t be silenced (“anchor baby,” too).

The goal is to make politically-correct types with weak constitutions swoon at the barrage of offensive words, as though they are a political avada kedavra to slay foes.

I don’t think anyone is put out too much by these types of posts. They might be disappointed in the posters’ lack of empathy and reveling in dehumanizing language, but the First Amendment does not protect anyone from other people’s disappointment.

Sometime between KFOR’s article and now, Wesselhöft took the post down from his Facebook page. The PC police must have got to him.

Update: We reached out to Rep. Wesselhöft to find out why he took his post down. He replied that he did not take it down, it is still up, and he stands by it. It does not appear to be visible publicly on his Facebook page, so it probably has privacy settings to keep the public from viewing it.

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