Republican Senator Says Dems Should Confirm Kavanaugh Because He's 'Such a Nice Person'


There are plenty of reasons Republicans would want to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court: He wants to strip away abortion rights, he loves guns, he hates the environment. But for GOP Senator Ron Johnson there’s one thing Kavanaugh has going for him that trumps his standard CV of ultra-conservative ghoulishness: He’s a swell fella!

Speaking with Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, Johnson sang Kavanaugh’s praises, explaining he’s “just a really nice guy,” in an echo of that atrocious Washington Post op-ed last month from a parent of one of his daughter’s classmates.

After briefly noting Kavanaugh’s judicial bona fides—you know, the stuff that actually matters when it comes to a Supreme Court nominee—Johnson got right back into the mushy stuff:

You have to see his eyes light up when he talks about his daughters, coaching their basketball team. Y’know I asked him about his daughter’s friend—she lost her father to ALS and he’s basically taken that girl under his wing as well, and mentored and been a surrogate father to that person as well. He’s just such a nice person, I don’t see how anybody could oppose his nomination. You consider his incredible judicial record. You know Democrats have a dozen years of [Kavanaugh’s] experience [to look at]. I don’t know, are they gonna be looking at his 4th grade essays?

I’m sure Johnson’s eyes will also light up when Kavanaugh votes to strip women of their right to choose.

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