Saks Fifth Avenue will help you dress like Cookie from Empire this fall


Empire is the show that keeps on giving: First, we got weekly life lessons from the school of Cookie Lyons. Next, “Drip Drop” was released as an actual song. Then, the real-life Cookie stood up. Now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the Lyons family is teaming up with Saks Fifth Avenue to release an Empire-themed fall collection.

The curated collection—based on fur queen Cookie; the king of silks and pajamas, Lucious; the gold chains of Hakeem; and the other two less stylish, but still #important family members Andre and Jamal—will be available September 10th with window displays at the Saks Fifth Avenue New York and Beverly Hills stores.

“The influence Empire has had on so many aspects of popular culture proves it has the ingredients to become a stand-alone fashion brand,” said Jeffrey Godsick, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, in a press release.

Smart move. Who doesn’t want to dress like Cookie Lyons?

Seriously, who?

The pieces in the curated collection will come from various designers, but here’s a free idea: A real Cookie clothing line?

And while, yes, we would all love to exude power, sass and boldness through our outfit choices like Cookie, let’s not forget this glorious thing is also happening:

Look at it, enjoy it, embrace it.

Tahirah Hairston is a style writer from Detroit who likes Susan Miller, Rihanna’s friend’s Instagram accounts, ramen and ugly-but cute shoes.

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