Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shows Us Exactly Why It's Ridiculous to Defend Her


After several excruciating days of apologies, bad ideas, and pundit depression over this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Sarah Huckabee Sanders rewarded the press corps’ cringeworthy rush to defend her honor by dodging virtually every question they asked on Tuesday in her first White House briefing since the dinner.

Chatter over The Dinner That Won’t Die has stretched into another news cycle, making it fair game for a question from a room of reporters. There were none.

The rest of the briefing, as is almost always the case, was notable only for Sanders’ preternatural ability to move her lips without making a single scrap of news or really answering a single question.

Reports that Trump’s bodyguard “raided” the office of his former doctor? “Standard practice.”

The possible venue for a meeting between Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un? Not getting into that!

Are we out of the woods on Trump pushing back the implementation of his new tariffs? Reply hazy, try again.

The system works! I hope everyone feels better now that order has been restored in the unholy marriage between the Washington press and the people they cover.

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