These People Got Bitcoin, a Wise and Sensible Investment, for Christmas


How’d y’all do on your Christmas shopping this year? Nice hand cream for your aunt? Some smartphone-compatible gloves for Mom? What about… a nice piece of Bitcoin, a gift that may prove worthless at literally any time? To quote my treasured colleague Hamilton: “For ten thousand dollars I’ll go buy myself a Jet Ski with bad ass stripes on the side. Okay? And you buy yourself a Bit coin. And we’ll see who has more fun.”

Who chose to buy their mothers and sisters not a Jet Ski or a Nintendo Switch or even a nice gift set from Sephora but instead the Less Fun Thing, Bitcoin? Plenty of people.

Lmao I hear that!!

Nice. It’ll never go down either

Thanks, Franci!

It means “I’m an idiot.”

It’s the thought that counts

Aw 🙁

Haha, fun!

Give me his phone number

Meow indeed

Ban Brothers

Give them back


Sorry, no

Spend it on healthcare!!



Valuable life lessons.

Alas, some people who wanted Bitcoin did not receive it. Those people probably received worthless junk, like carefully-wrapped gifts chosen by hand by their loved ones.

Give it to me

Ugh 🙁

Maybe next year 🙂 when it will cost $34.20

WTF?? Mods??

Fucking useless assholes


Nightmare. We live in a nightmare world. Happy New Year.

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