This guy won't turn off his anti-alien lights and his neighbors are not happy!


Perhaps Arthur Brown, the 78-year-old man from Hermitage, Pennsylvania, with lights and foil on his house to prevent aliens from invading, is a bit extreme in his measures. His neighbors sure think so—one woman, Nancy Raich, spent a good amount of time with the Sharon Herald complaining that she can’t sell her home because no one wants to live next to the guy with alien lights shining from his house.

For years, Brown, 78, of 5829 Virginia Road, has posted spotlights around his house that shine off his property. The lights are a defense against aliens, Raich said.
“Little by little, we learned that he thought we were ‘they,’ and that we are the ones the aliens were contacting to get to him,” Raich said.

One neighbor told an NBC station serving Northwestern Pennsylvania Brown wears “foil under his hat so they can’t read his mind.”

A Mercer County judge has attempted to step in, threatening Brown with a $500 daily fine until he turns off his lights. So far, the Sharon Herald reports, it hasn’t been very effective; Brown’s racked up over $20,000 in fees to the city.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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