Trump Calls Omarosa a 'Dog' After She Releases Tape Claiming He Said the N-Word

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It’s Omarosa Manigault Newman’s book day, so like a terrible August version of the 12 days of Christmas, she gave the world a new surreptitiously recorded audio tape of her time in Donald Trump’s orbit—and he responded by calling her a dog.

The latest recording, which Manigault Newman provided to CBS News, appears to support the former White House staffer’s claims in her new tell-all book, Unhinged, that Trump’s presidential campaign was aware of a tape of him using the n-word while filming The Apprentice. On the recording, Manigault Newman appears to be discussing how to “spin” the release of such a tape with campaign staffers Katrina Pierson, Jason Miller, and Lynne Patton, then an aide to Eric Trump.

“He said it. He’s embarrassed,” CBS quoted Pierson as saying in the book and the audio.

In an interview with Fox News last night after the CBS News report, Pierson flatly denied the call ever happened.

Then on Tuesday morning, Trump responded to the latest controversy about him using racial slurs by calling the woman who was maybe the only top-ranking black staffer in his White House a “dog.”

But that wasn’t the only revelation from Manigault Newman’s book. Over at The Atlantic, a source passed Elaina Plott an early copy of the more than 300-page tome. Among the highlights are Anthony Scaramucci crying when he lost a job he only barely had:

When his replacement, Anthony Scaramucci, was fired, Manigault Newman claims that Scaramucci “started crying.”
She writes: “I like to think that somewhere in the West Wing, Sean Spicer was still rambling around in the final days of his grace period, heard Anthony’s high-pitched, plaintive wail, and smiled.”

…and Trump apparently thinking Jared Kushner was a bit gay when they first met:

She devotes very little copy to Eric and Tiffany Trump.
Interestingly, the same goes for Kushner. Manigault Newman does write, however, that when Ivanka Trump first started dating Jared Kushner, she asked her father what he thought of Kushner. “’He seems a little sweet to me,’” she writes Trump said, “using his phrasing for ‘gay.’”

Charming as ever!

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