Trump Kicks Off His Friday With a Characteristically Incoherent Tweetstorm

White House

President Donald Trump is home from his bad, ethically questionable jaunt to Iraq, and appeared on Friday to be well rested enough to get back to what he does worst: Furious tweets directed at his enemies using his cocktail wiener thumbs.

Todays’ topic: Wall.

Does he mean close it to immigrants? To tourists? Businesses? He probably thinks the Iron Curtain was actual metallic drapery, doesn’t he? The man is very stupid, so it’s possible.

Barring the insinuation that maybe the U.S. should start cashing in on drug money (???!?) it’s worth pointing out that Wharton School of Business graduate Donald Trump seems to have no idea how trade deficits work. Like, none at all.

This is just white noise. A mild atmospheric hum. Tinnitus, at best.

Aaaaaaand we’re back to this. It’s hard to see how cutting off foreign aid to Honduras ($180,977,214) Guatemala ($257,347,600) and El Salvador ($118,222,593) would do anything but make life significantly worse for the people in those countries and, gee, I dunno, make them want to apply for asylum in the U.S.—which, if you need reminding, is completely legal.

And, just to put things in perspective here, the total amount of money Trump is talking about is roughly the same as what the U.S. spent on fake al-Qaeda propaganda videos.

Meanwhile, the government remains partially shut down, the president is reportedly canceling his plans to celebrate the new year at his private club in Florida, and it’s probably safe to assume that more bad tweets are in the forecast. TGIF.

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