Trump Worried How Impeachment Would Look on His 'Resume'

White House

Publicly, President Donald Trump has blasted his ongoing Ukraine scandal, and the impeachment inquiry it spawned, as a “hoax” and “presidential harassment,” repeatedly insisting he has nothing to apologize for or worry about. But privately, the president seems decidedly less confident—not about the fact that be could potentially be removed from office, and perhaps even be charged with having committed crimes, but with the prospect that this all might tarnish his otherwise impeccable reputation.

Speaking on a phone call with House Republicans last Friday, Trump reportedly whined that being impeached would be a “bad thing to have on your resume,” according to Axios, who spoke with sources on the call. (Others on the call claimed Trump said “you don’t want [impeachment] on your resume,” which is a distinction without a difference, really.)

“Resume,” huh? Usually when you’re worried about your resume, it means you’re planning on applying for more jobs in the future. Which, I suppose, gets to the heart of Trump’s overall grift: using his presidency as a springboard for future (and, let’s be honest—current) money-making schemes.

You could argue that Trump is simply, inelegantly referring to his doomed legacy at large, not his future job prospects. But remember that just days ago Trump bragged that he “watch[es his] words very carefully.” So I say let’s take the man at his word on this one: the president is scared impeachment would be a real bummer for his post-White House bank account. And folks? You love to see it.

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