Watch Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller Melt Down on National TV


Stephen Miller, senior adviser to Donald Trump, went to the White House press briefing on Wednesday to discuss the President Trump’s support for the anti-legal immigration RAISE act. He proceeded to have a meltdown for the ages.

The above video—which consists largely of a wild shouting match between Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta—is just over seven minutes long, but I urge you to watch the whole thing. Keep an eye out for:

  • Miller’s attempt to say that the poem on the Statue of Liberty doesn’t mean what you think it means.
  • Miller, who comes from Santa Monica and went to Duke, screaming about “cosmopolitan bias.”
  • Audible groans from the reporters in the room.
  • Excessive “dick voice.”

As Miller himself said, just before stepping away from the microphone: “I think that went exactly as planned.”

Given that everyone who speaks from the White House podium does so essentially for Trump—a man who, above all else, delights in good television—and Trump alone, it’s safe to say that Miller’s probably right.

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