Yes, We Never Left 2016

Trump Administration

The Trump administration is determined to make President Donald Trump’s continued invocation of Hillary Clinton at his rallies into a relevant reference. Oh yes, the administration is investigating the emails of “dozens of current and former senior State Department officials” who emailed the now infamous private email server.

Investigators with the State Department have contacted “as many as 130 officials” recently in this investigation, according to a three-bylined piece in The Washington Post on Saturday. Those contacted include people who were Clinton’s direct reports during her time as Secretary of State as well as those who were low-level bureaucrats whose emails she might have just read, The Washington Post reported.

This investigation started 18 month ago, stopped and then started again in August 2019, officials told The Washington Post.

A “senior State Department official” said this investigation isn’t because of Trump. “This has nothing to do with who is in the White House. This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails, which is about 3½ years,” the source told The Washington Post.

Glad to know that the Clinton email investigation will continue to live even as New York City turns into Venice 2.0 and Oklahoma experiences the second Dust Bowl.

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