This Really Went Places

The Discourse

Sometimes…..the internet just really, like, goes places. So it was today after a series of events led me to type these words: “The Good Place star Jameela Jamil was embroiled in a Twitter controversy over her tweet about George W. Bush.” Yes it sounds like Mad Libs, but this is a news site, it’s all real!

Things kicked off after Jamil tweeted this:

Now, it’s great that, unlike Ellen DeGeneres and her many celebrity friends, Jamil reached the correct conclusion about George W. Bush: that he is terrible. But the part where she said she wasn’t taught about Bush in school got people, shall we say, “wondering.” Jamil is 33, meaning that she was at a prime age for knowing about these things; if she was aware back then that her own prime minister, Tony Blair, was a “nightmare,” how could she not know about Blair’s main partner in crime? The combination of “George Bush” and “celebrity tweet” was too much for people not to reply.

There were tweets con and pro and Jamil replied to a LOT of them:

Jamil defended herself continuously. Some defenses were a bit off (can I gently suggest that “things that happened when I was in my teens and 20s” is not exactly history):

And some went to some unexpected places.

Let’s end this blog there, I think!

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