A Perfect Metaphor for Today's News and My Fragile Brain

The Discourse

It’s not every day that you’re presented with a perfect metaphor from the natural world that captures the current moment.

This is one. Please watch this until the very end, you won’t regret it:

A rollercoaster of a ride—when the video starts, you think this is going to be one of those sad animal videos of a turtle caught in a plastic bottle or something!—and then, something good happens. Like today, kind of?

Maybe, in this metaphor, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are the deer (forever getting themselves caught in the same shit) and Donald Trump (who has proved a far greater foe than they’d expected) is the fence. Does that make Splinter the kind woman helping the deer break free? Perhaps, depending on your perspective.

Another strictly metaphorical reading: the poor deer is freed. We, the viewers, just like the woman who intervenes, are left feeling good about this. Then, she sees the little guy is caught again in the same predicament, which appears even worse this time. Does this—today’s series of events, which make me feel something approximating “good”—feel like anything else that, for many, offered a beacon of optimism that ultimately changed nothing? Just thinking out loud here.

The most literal interpretation? The phone recording this video—I told you to watch to the end, didn’t I?—is my brain.


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